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тема [Mon/Jul/2012 at 2:49pm]
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[Fri/Nov/2008 at 1:30am]
if anyone is still around..... check out hellobethie.blogspot.com

[Wed/Jul/2008 at 11:18pm]
vacation is fun but i miss everyone!

check out my flickr for more vacation pics! i've seen sea turtles, lizards, dolphins, etc!

[Wed/Jul/2008 at 3:13am]
just bored.

i wish i actually used this thing still...
i've been walking 6miles daily. trying to get to like... 120 before christmas. i'm too fat right now.

[Thu/Jun/2008 at 1:25pm]

as much as i want to hate you and as much as you hurt me, i can't stop. i had so much passion with you, unlike anyone else. i'll never find anyone who shared that with me. i'll never find a relationship as good as the one i had with you. why am i still pining over you? it's been nearly 6months since i last even saw you.

i'll love you forever. no matter what. there is a permanent spot in my heart for you.

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